International Students Interested in Studying in Georgia

Studying in Georgia

How about another wonderful opportunity for international students interested in studying in Georgia? Both international and national students interested in the growing field of biomedical engineering will be excited to learn about unique opportunities to pursue an advanced degree (PhD) through the Emory-Peking University Biomedical Engineering Joint Venture Program (hereafter referred to as GT/Emory-PKU BME Joint Venture).

The GT/Emory-PKU BME Joint Venture has successfully layed the groundwork to create a joint PhD program that draws on the incredible strengths displayed between all three of these schools in the specific area of biomedical engineering. For Chinese students willing to enroll through Peking University, this program not only offers a wonderful opportunity for international students interested in studying in Georgia (or in the United States in general), it is making an innovative leap in the move to create an advanced and globally recognized hub for high-quality, internationally-informed biomedical engineering and research work.

In many ways, the GT/Emory-PKU BME Joint Venture may prove much more than a once in a lifetime opportunity for Chinese students to become a part of cutting edge biomedical engineering education and work, it could also serve as a launching pad for exposing oneself more intimately to U.S. culture and social networking, as well improving language skills necessary for success in international business and science research (through exposure to English-based curriculum and faculty interaction).

Without a doubt, all three schools involved in this venture (Peking University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Emory University) have solid academic reputations, both nationally and internationally, offering more reason for international students to believe pursuing this degree program could prove an excellent investment into their own future. Finally, for international students curious to learn more about what it would be like living in Georgia, check out our article about international students studying in Georgia.