International Students Study in Kansas

Study in Kansas

In the spirit of exploration (perhaps the same spirit embodied by the pioneers and cowboys of the past) thousands of international students come to study in Kansas and receive a higher education every year. International students in Kansas have the unique opportunity to experience and explore the Midwestern American lifestyle and culture. During the time of the Wild West, Kansas was home to thousands of Native Americans, cowboys, and pioneers. Many museums and historical sites are dedicated to providing easy and affordable access to the state’s fascinating history. Kansas Museum of History, is a great example of one of these museums. International students in Kansas receive great student discount rates at many of the museums and only have to pay a $4 entrance fee to visit the famous Kansas Museum of History. The museum itself is considered one of the “8 Wonders of Kansas” because it features original locomotives, Native American tipis, immigrant wagons, a real log cabin, and a stage coach preserved from the Wild Western time period.

Aside from the historical and cultural learning opportunities within the state, the location of Kansas in relation to the rest of the U.S. gives students the ability to easily explore surrounding regions. Kansas is what some would consider in the dead center of the country, meaning that to see all sides of the U.S., one would simply have to hop on a short bus or plane ride for a few hours. Kansas really is an ideal location for international students who wants to explore the rest of the country without having to travel long hours and pay more money to go farther distances; Jefferson Bus Lines, MegaBus, and Frontier Airlines offer affordable travel options for individuals located in the Midwest (some state to state bus fares for as cheap as $15 and round trip flights under $100).

By choosing to study in Kansas, students have some of America’s most interesting historical sites and landmarks within their reach. The era of the cowboys and Wild West are fascinating aspects of American history and culture and remnants of these times are unique to the Midwestern states. International students in Kansas are also in an ideal location for exploring the rest of the country though affordable bus routes and airlines. If you think of yourself as an adventurer and want to explore different regions of the U.S. consider studying in Kansas, you may find that you feel right at home with that pioneering attitude and cowboy confidence.